Years spent writing in journals and scraps of paper and finally here I am. Very hard it was for me to ditch my romance with pen and paper to do this blog. The smell of paper… The feel of the pen/pencil in my hand… The joy gotten from listening to the sound of my own scribbling… My ink stained hands… The whispering of the words in my ears(they really do whisper..)… The feeling of vitality… ahhh… I will never forget. Indulge I will till the day I am gone… aye.

First off, I want to thank you for traipsing my way. Not very many people make it this way, so if you have found your way here, you are very lucky indeed. Certain things about you may be changed. Your thought processes, your outlook on life… everything. Basically, just know,that the journey you are about to begin is going to be a profound one. Everything you read about on here, every emotion… it will all be real. Bits of me… bits of them. I’m not here to do fiction but to share my innermost thoughts… My perspective on things, my hurt, my happiness, my insanity… The good, the bad, the ugly, warts and all… It will all be undeniably real. So brace yourself… because my life, has never been sane. Not to me, not to other people. I will eviscerate myself… With my own blade will I gut myself… I’d like to see what you all will do with my blood and my innards. For me, that is where the fun lies. Evisceration is almost always never painful for the doer… It’s the watchers that I wonder about. You… you my dear reader… are the watcher.

I should warn you though… that this blog will cater to the needs of only a select group of people. Degenerates, Vamp lovers, Weirdos,  Insane people, Free thinkers, Sad people, Deep people, Amazonians,  People from Mars, Untamed minds and hearts, Rock music maniacs,  Bohemians, Lovers of cranberry juice, Lovers of fine wine. So you see, If you are delicate in mind and heart, If you are a black and white person, If you are a normal person, This blog isn’t for you. Run now while you still can or risk being roped into the abyss that my mind is.

I should also let you know that you do not necessarily have to like me or what I represent to be here… au contraire, it’s less about the person who spins the yarns and more about the yarns being spun. Some days it will be long, other days it may be just a few short lines… A poem, a quote by me, an abstract scribble… Either ways, I implore you to read between the lines, search for deeper meaning for I sometimes don’t mean what I write but write what I mean, focus less on the words, try to get a feel, and yes, may enlightenment, bright as the rays of the sun, dawn on us all.

Happy reading.


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