The Phantom of The Unbored Opera

I cannot remember the exact author whose quote changed my life so, neither can I remember the exact way the quote was phrased (seeing as I read it off the shirt of a person that was crossing the road before me in traffic), but thus is the way that my consciousness interpreted it:

“An exceptional mind cannot get bored. Boredom is a function of the basic mind. An exceptional mind is too fluid, too involved, it takes a boring situation and unbores it. It creates magic out of thin air”


I immediately thought of all the times that I had been “bored” and I felt ashamed of the basic-ness of my mind at such times.

I mean, common. The name of my mind is Ursula.

Me and her, we have a working relationship. It is one of the things that I take pride in, that God given relationship. So at the times that I had supposedly been bored, it means that I had let her down, let myself down, and what’s worse than letting one’s own self down?

Something had to give. Boredom had to be deleted from my vocabulary and I had to take charge. So began a profound journey of change; one that has made me the person that I am today, a woman that can live in her head.

Please listen to this piece.

One of my favourites.

And maybe my friend Muna is right.

Maybe living in my head is a tad unhealthy.

But what can I do?

My head has automatically become the safest place in the world to me. It is the one place that I am most comfortable in. The problems that I encounter in real life, most of my solutions to them are gotten from living my head. From Ursula.

Living in my head has totally eradicated boredom from my life.

It doesn’t matter where I am or what is happening around me, I am able to keep myself entertained. It could extend to the people around me, but only rarely do I allow people share such moments with me.

Living in my head does not mean that I ignore living in the real world.  It doesn’t mean that I am an introvert (me, Madame Live It Up? Yeah right!).  I live in the real world when I want. When I shop for ingredients to cook with, when I search for new books to ravish, when I have to do presentations or give speeches, when I have to crap in the mornings.

I live in my head when there is nothing of interest going on in the real world, when I need solutions to tough problems, when I need to unlook on some disturbing happenings, when I need to write, when I am playing Scrabble, when I am photo walking. There is my head, and there is real life, and I maintain the balance.

On the flip side, there are times when being myself means that both worlds have to mix. When I am spending quality time with my pastor’s triplets. When I am drinking wine. Enjoying a great book with phenomenal coffee. During a kiss. Having the most amazing conversations; the kind that I used to have with Bearded Monster. And hopefully, when I finally get to make love.

Living in my head has done me a whole lot of good. I don’t quite know what living would have been like without it. How could I have coped with some of the unpleasantness I have seen? How could I have consciously retained my sweetness, my marshmallow, if I didn’t have that other place to live in?

Once again, the theory of black and white has been rendered null.

And such is the reality of the excitable ones.

Such is the mainstay of The Unbored.



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