I have been away for so long.

Yet, no matter how long I am away from WordPress, when I return, I am enveloped in the warmth again. Like the voluptuous tree woman in Robin Hobb’s book (The Shaman’s Crossing)…


Folds of love, of goodness, of goodwill… I am wrapped in them. I am pulled in, sucked under… and I ask myself why I stayed away so long in the first place.

I am home.

Yes, this place is home.


Talking about homes.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about home, is family.

And what is family?

Is it those related to you by blood? Or is it those you come across who are not related by blood but by loyalty and experiences?

Lemme tell you what happened to me recently.

I had written a post on Facebook on how I thought my dancing skills were now improving.

Guess what?

Some cousin of mine comments and says a lot of horrible stuff about how I had a bad body (and bad body to him implies slim). That how could I think I look good the way I am? That with a body like mine, no one needs men.


No prior quarrels. No beef. Nothing.

People just wake up and decide to be monsters.

See how fickle humanity is? See?

Anyway, this is the body in question.

body twobooo

All my life, I have been surrounded by sorry excuses of people who are related to me by blood… the damned goo.


Friggin’ proverbial bloody Marys… the lot of them.

Even as  a child. And let’s even say I was the baddest of the lot, what really does a child know of the world to be treated so badly?

Not enough, I tell you.

                            See them:

The masochist.

The wicked.

The mean.

The jealous.

The bitter.

The abusers.

The selfish.

The spirit killers.

The ones that made up stuff about me and went with the wind.

The ones that hated me just because it was safe for them to.

The ones that did all they could to sabotage the force, the hurricane, that I am.


For some of my life, I have had to tolerate and endure them. But not anymore.

Years ago, I zoned out on all that rubbish.

Now, I simply do not care.

I couldn’t muster up some enthusiasm to care, even if my life depended on it.

It’s dead, gone, buried. I do not hate them, au contraire, I quite like some of them.

But to care, to give a damn, to bleed for them…. NO.

I am numb.

My soul draws the line there.

In my world, there is just me and the few people I call family.

Most of them not related to me by blood.

I could’ve replied to that cousin: who needs pregnant women around with a gut like yours, who need brains with zombies like you walking around, who wants to use GUCCI when you go around pronouncing it as GUSHHII.

I could’ve told him a lot, words as weapons and all.

But I did not think he was worth my creative juices being cranked.

So I ignored him.

Now soon, some of them will be coming back…

Claiming to be sorry, demanding my attention, screaming that they are family.

But here… now… I am writing for the whole world to see.

I will not let myself be blackmailed emotionally.

If you try to hurt what matters to me now, try to make up some more stories… I will go gangster on you. I will unleash a tide so high that you would drown, fury so hot that it will burn even your soul. I am not about all that rubbish of the past. I am a dragon, and yes, the fire that I spit, you do NOT want to feel.

I am the Amazon of the new era.

But most of all,


However thick it may be, gimme water instead.



23 thoughts on “HARRASSED BY BLOOD!!!

  1. I recall a saying – you can pick your friends, but not your family. So true. I think that some family members take too many liberties with their opinions. Do not take any of their words to heart. Most of them are borne of jealousy. You are a beautiful person both physically and spiritually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh Rob…
      I knew you would understand.
      Thank you…
      I am off to see what I have missed on your blog. I know it’s a lot, I feel jittery just thinking about it. But here I come.
      Me Love you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anyone who bears ill words or lacking of social communication etiquette should be excluded from ones circle.
    They are often incurable…. thus it is futile to bother.
    Still, let happy be what happy does….

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  3. You are alive!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I get your anger Sonia! I never had it with family but from some so called "friends". It hurts the same!

    Did you get any of my emails? 🙂
    I miss you!! (The only news here is that it got a bit warmer)…

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  4. “The ones that did all they could to sabotage the force, the hurricane, that I am.”
    Loved this…and you will not bleed for them…give you water, Finis.

    Family can often be cruel. People can often be cruel. When you find the few who are not, and feel that connection… you are home.

    Your words gave me fire when I read this. Ty. Sending love, CC

    Liked by 1 person

  5. welcome back lady!….been going through ya previous posts again….still as tasteful as ever!,,…..
    personally I don’t count couz as “family” tho..they Jus too many mehn,….besides some1 wit a real brotherhood bond wit ya can’t say such!…
    I count only those from d same uterus and the few others that crossed that line of bond from frm friendship to familia

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  6. Wow I luv the pictures. Would it be okay to use one of them for my book? I definitely would give credit to you and the website in general. Thanks and besides your blog is really interesting. Hoping to read more yet not blow my brains out.


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