Money talks… and shopping lists too!!!

I think that to know a bit more about people, as opposed to all that they share about themselves, watching out for what they spend their money on, helps quite a bit. Some psychological FBI things, ya feel me? Heh heh. You can tell a whole lot about a person from the kinda stuff they buy. After all the working and hustling, to what end? What matters to us, that we would pay for? Of course spending done on family cannot be included in this… I mean, whether we love our family or not, for most, we cannot help but take care of them. We are on “autoshare” where they are concerned. But, after “sharing” with them, no matter how little, what do we do for us?

Check this.

Two years back, someone I had been friends with just upped and popped the question. Deer and headlights scenario.


No warning, no signs. Standard ME behavior was to just have told him NO the first time he proposed but because he was someone I had known for a really long time(10 years), and to preserve the friendship, I moved to be subtle about it. He was/is wealthy and so too much money to throw around. And he did throw it around… he was no Scrooge. So this guy though… when he spent on himself, what did it centre on? I’ll tell ya.
1) Booze.
Right on. Copious amounts. Dude had a regular stash of booze in his cars so as soon as he got in any one of them in the mornings on his way out, he would start from there, high as a kite, eyelids half-shut, before it was even noon. Then from 6pm till midnight or infinity, he would go to this bar and grill close to his home and chill. Meat and more booze and hanging with other meat and booze lovers. 7days a week, friggin’ 365days a year.
2) Customized shirts.
He had this really good shirt maker who would make for him any type he wanted, perfectly tailored.
3) Cars.

The end.
That was life for him.
His stomach. His rides.

Now this is not to judge him or other people. We are who we are after all and we can’t all be the same, variety being the spice of life and all. But, for all the years I had known him, excluding even the “marry me” months, his spending was always centered on the above. Random spells of house renovations and investments in-between but still and always the same basics. Every single time. Though I already knew the kind of person he was, his spending just consolidated my facts. An alcoholic psuedo-intellectual epicurean. That’s who he was. Just gimme booze and prime food and a couple of like-minded people around me and yippee, happy as a clam. Now that man, married to the fat lady in my head?
LOL!!! Disaster and a few!!!

And what about this other friend of mine. Lovely lovely gal. Witty and all. What would she spend her last cash on and not mind? All the years I have known her… Like a song on repeat… The same things.
1) Shoes.
Well, they say shoes make a lady so hey.
2) Clothes.
All about packaging, eh?
3) Make-up.
Oh weeel… making up is rumoured to be fun anyways.
The end.

Now, typically, all women spend cash on shoes and clothes and make-up. Yours truly included. What, are you laughing? Oh c’mon… I can be quite the girly girl when I want, ya know.
Ehh!!! Still doubting?

Ahhh well this is me trying to be girly… cliché cross-ankled pose and all.



*Coughs and clears throat*

So as I was rambling, for this friend of mine, all the make-up and stuff, eish… it is EVERYTHING.
Everything she spends her money on contributes to one thing: her looks.

Year after year.
Now what does that tell you about her?
Many things come to mind: ultra Barbie, vain as shit, airhead… blah blah.
Bad person? Depends on who is asking, but to me, no. She is just who she is. Infact, as I write this post, she is right here, asking me if there was any reasonable gal in the whole world who would argue that dark purple lipstick wasn’t the new red. I’m shaking my head and smiling and listening to “Take Me To Church” by Hozier. You gotta love! Plus, I agree. Dark purple IS the new red.


But what about me?
I can’t dissect other people and leave good ol’ me outta it now, can I? What exactly do I spend my spare cash on? What matters to me? What do I dream about buying even before I get the cash? What would I scrimp and save to buy? My vices, so to speak? Wait for it.

1) A damn good toothbrush.
Yessurrr!!! Don’t underestimate the power of a proper toothbrush. And by Zeus, it is sooo hard to come by sometimes. A toothbrush is like a bra. You gotta find the right one. Hard but not too hard, soft but not weak. Perfection would’ve been the ones tagged “medium” but the ones I always see don’t quite cut it. So I’m constantly always on the look out for the right one. Strong enough to handle my teeth and clean my tongue without hurting me and ruining my taste buds. And when I find it! Joy!!! I refuse to post pictures of my toothbrush collection. Oooooooh.

2) Books.
Aaahhh… the first place I go to when I get any kind of income is to the shop of the guy I buy books from. It’s like the first thing I buy. I can’t even begin to describe the way I feel when I walk in. The smell and sight of all those books… oh maaahn. And he keeps the kind he knows I like so immediately I come in, I pick ’em up and move. Eating, waiting in an office, on a bus, on a road trip, while taking a shit, before I go to bed, when I can’t sleep, when I wake… it’s me and books all the way. So I gotta have a constant supply. So think, from the time I was tiny till now, think of all the books I have… all the treasures… aye. Again, I will not post pictures… might get robbed, methinks. Bwahahahaha!!!

3) Air time.
We use prepaid air time ish here in my country. So basically, before I can call, sms, blog, and do whatever with my phone, I need to buy this prepaid air time, load it and boom. Now, I’m not big on calling all the time or chatting as I breathe… what I need this air time mostly for is blogging(it’s much nicer with my phone), downloading all the old rock classics and new ones as I like, intensive research(hey, I have a tight relationship with Google), Facebook, random Twitter, and more and more and more music. So, hey.

4) DVDs.
Music mostly… I need to feed my soul and I like to have a hard copy of all the songs that I have on my other devices. Back up, like. I love to look at them and know that they are there and of course show off. Think of any… The beetles, Bon Jovi, Oasis… I have em’ all. Then series. I love to watch them solo on my laptop. Me, cool air, my dark room, cranberry juice, and the light from the laptop screen making me squint. Yup… chill times.

5) A niceeee bottle of wine and cranberry and orange juice packs.
You should see me browsing the wine section of a shop or mall… taking my time… concentrating… needing to get the perfect bottle. Don’t matter the brand… wine, I mean. Just as long as it’s nice. Sweet or not. Lately I’ve taken to the blackberry kinds. A good book and a glass of that nice wine… or that same nice wine and my very cool friends, talking and laughing and being outrageously silly… bliss. Also, cranberry juice besides tasting heavenly when it is chilled, is a lovely mixer as well. Try with Vodka. And then orange juice… well… orange juice is like my second water. And I like the sweet and sour types, not the overly sweet. In my country, The Five Alive brand is just right for me. The sour in it is what gets me. What can I say.

So on a regular, for as long as I have known myself, those are what I spend on. In the order it was written. Of course after all the other expenses have been settled like maybe random meds(like when I had gastritis) or licensing fees or savings or other stuff that come up. The remaining cash(if any) is always spent on the above. Except when I have enough toothbrushes, then books come first.
Sooo… based on my own spending list, so many clues really, what kind of person do you fancy me to be?

A hint (or hints): I suspect a bit of OCD… I mean c’mon, that toothbrush behavior?
Then there is my inner(or outer?) geek. Then the watching movies solo part… loner much? But what about the part that loves to drink with my friends and all the silly behavior and all… not so lonesome, perhaps?
So who am I?

And hold on…
What about you? Yes, you, the one squinting at me.
What do you spend on?
Do you realize how much of it tells the world the kind of person you are?

Kind of like when Dr. House sends his medical team to a dying patient’s house to search for treatment clues.

Notice how they search the fridge and the trash or even the food store… because they know… that somehow, clues to what ails the person and how to cure the ailment will be there. What a person buys, eats, or even reads on a regular… what a person unconsciously surrounds himself or herself with… therein lies the somewhat twisted clues to whom the person really is. A piece here and there and you can put them together and get a whole picture. At least that is what I believe.

So tell me…
Who does your shopping list say you are?

Next week is us!!!
Wednesdays, and Wednesdays, and more Wednesdays.
Love you guys like Woooaaaa!!!


8 thoughts on “Money talks… and shopping lists too!!!

  1. Thanks Rob!!! Good to “see” you… I can’t even begin to imagine all I have missed on your blog. About to settle in, when I’m done, I’m gonna come -a-calling.


  2. Hola Sonia!!
    I don’t spend much money. But I discovered that if it’s not food that I have to buy (mostly cheese and bread for me), I buy candles and scarves 😀
    I think I own more than 50 scarves. One of these days I’ll put them all on the table and take a picture 😀
    I used to buy books, not anymore, I can’t read more than one paragraph without getting distracted 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Firstly, dear, trust me I understand the toothbrush thing. It’s crazy; I literally buy tooth brush every time I see one I think is good so much that I give them out when people come-a-visiting and if I really loved a particular one I have to admit it does stay more than three months.
    But this really got me thinking and I realised I spend a significant amount of money on fruit-flavored and herbal teas. It’s insane. I go to buy something else and then I see a new brand of tea. I just come back later for the initial item if I have to. lol
    then scarves, veils. In my opinion one can never have enough scarves.
    thirdly , watches. Now I can’t go on a shopping spree for those but when I splurge on them I do so big TIME! lol.
    wonder what that says about me?

    Liked by 1 person

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