Hiya folks!!!

So sorry for skipping two blog postings…


Out in the cold and away from the warm atmosphere of WordPress and wooooow!!! I can only say that I’m super relieved to be back. I couldn’t wait till next Wednesday to post so I just had to obey the itch and do this one. And I promise to not Casper so much on Wednesdays anymore.
Tee hee!!!


I recently discovered a re-occurring theme whilst hanging with my female friends. I mean, based on our likes and dislikes, there are variations when we talk about work, family, money, music, movies… but when it comes down to men, we pretty much all want the same thing.

A good-looking one.
Sexy(another very relative word)… good physique… blah blah blah and everything to boot.
I gotta ask though… At what point does this type of sexy finally become clichΓ©?

Now, we never see them in everyday living, those buff daddies. You either have to be at specific places to spot them. Kinda like bird watching, because you also have to be quiet and still or they’ll be frightened and fly away. I mean, for ladies, outta ten of your male friends, maybe only two fit the bill of hot and nice. The other eight? Not so much. They are nice guys, sure, but it’s weird that the “goodest” or nicest guys don’t always come in the pretty packages we all desire. But hey. Let the guy just be a jerk and boom! His packaging will be to die for. The guy will be looking like a Greek god and be acting like an out of control sprinkler. And that goes for women too. Sexy by day, Cruella by night. So… what to do? Do we take buff and suffer? Or do we take nice and gag every morning?

Anyways, I was thinking about all this one day and I discovered that we have all been looking for sexy and nice in all the wrong places. And also defining them wrongly too.
Naturally, we look in clubs, bars, restaurants, offices, subways, book readings, cinemas…. we look in all the predictable and normal places. And we neglect to look around us. Near us. Within us. With this in mind, I decided to start looking closely in and around my immediate environment for the perfect blend of hot and nice. Proof to support this sexy claim of mine, so to speak… and ho ho ho, I wasn’t disappointed.

The man I buy onions and carrots from.
Ooooh… Northern dude like that. I took my time to study him closely last time I went veggie shopping. His complexion reminding me of caramel and sweet milk… Tall… Amazingly white smile… Lips shaped like that of Ra the Egyptian sun-god… Curly hair… woo hoo! Hot hot hot guy! And nice too, judging from all the extras he always gives to people.

Then the electrician than comes around to fix bulbs and sockets in my house. His name is Obi. Ahhh… this guy is built like the Spartan warriors in the 300 movie.
My goodness!
The other day he came to fix the socket for the electric cooker, I put on my sexy-man-in-random places specs…
And mehnnnnn… a sight for sore eyes! Watching him was and still is pure joy. The muscle play beneath his skin as he reaches for his tools… making me remember vividly my anatomy lectures on the muscles of the upper arm, back, and bum. The way he smiles as he tells me what he plans to have for dinner… oof! And he is sooo nice too! Even bought me a nice bottle of wine for Christmas.

Aaand what of the cadaver of the group next to mine in college? Features so sculpted and lovely… watching them dissect him was painful. Quite good-looking… for a dead guy, that is.

And what about the ladies?
So many beautiful and nice women. But brovas be looking in all the wrong places. She could be a maid, a government clerk, a random citizen… beautiful, heart of gold, and possessing an amazing(according to your definition of amazing) body beneath all her ill-fitting garb. How will we find out if we don’t look?

All I am saying…

Sexy is random, sexy is gettable, and sexy is EVERYWHERE!!!

Hiding in friggin’ plain sight!!!

Skip myopia, and just look in all the nooks and crannies that exist in society. Be brave too because some places where you might find sexy may be downright scary.

Either ways, thou shall be pleasantly surprised.

*sips ginger tea*



29 thoughts on “FINDing SEXY…

  1. Hi Sonia, tell me a secret, did you ask your veggie guy to give you the carrot? πŸ˜€
    Very nice post and I’m super jealous, cable guy looks like a giant living meatloaf and the other men are way too old!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh heh heh… no I didn’t, Paola. But I should’ve eh?
      Noooo… cable meatloaf guy is noooot sexy at all. And all those old men… perhaps I could send ankara shorts over? will it help bring their sexy back?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The way my wife said it is, “Let your nerd flag fly!” (We’re both big nerds.) “You’ll attract less people, but you’ll attract the right people.” It’s true, and you’re right, sexy is everywhere.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That first picture you put was very distracting from my reading. I forgot how to put the letters into words, in my brain for a few minutes.
    I have to go back and read the rest of your post now, and try to avoid getting caught up in fantasies about that yummy guy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ok , I managed my way past the pic. Now I am going veggie shopping and breaking something in my apt, so I can call a repair man.
    I think that washing machine has been acting up. I am sure it is not because I pulled the plug out “”accidentally” .
    That damn plug. It keeps just falling out of the outlet, every time I am feeling a bit……cuddly LOL
    Nice to have you back. Yout
    Your posts are always good for making me smile

    Liked by 1 person

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