No no no no… Dont PHUNK with my…

Black Eyed Peas, much?



Oh c’mon… that song used to be my jam back in the days! And that Monkey Business album was da bomb, if ya know what I mean.

So don’t blame me… or Fergie and the boys… or the song… blame the funk I have found myself in.

Lately it has become a bit more important for me to focus on staying happy. Yes. Happy.
I mean, I’m sooo lethargic these days. Tired when I wake in the mornings(imagine that I haven’t worked out in about a month… me, the overactive one. Oh maaaan!), tired to get through the day, tired to wake at night to either read a bit as I normally would or pray. I could be awake the whole night and just lay there staring at the ceiling. Everything has suddenly become a chore for me. And nothing happened to trigger it all. I mean, if there was anything it certainly isn’t important because I cannot remember it. I am just so tired.

And what to do? How do I get out of this????

1)Work. Okay, work helps. You tend to forget yourself when you are working. So just wear my ward coat and get busy. Easy. What about after work though? When I get home and I’m different shades of naked and tired. Back to square one.

2)I’ve tried eating my way out of it. Oh yes. Food. The almighty comforter of sorts. Of course it didn’t work. Small tummy+copious amounts of food=Indigestion. Lordy, it has been hectic. Still the same body size(you would have thought the extra eating would’ve padded me up some), I mean, hey, wouldn’t it have been nice though, to squeeze a bigger ass out of the eating deal, eh? Okay, I agree, we can’t all be Kim K… carrying all that junk in her trunk and breaking the internet with it… so I’m laying that to rest. But oof! As an aside, I’ve always wondered if all those body parts in bigger sizes were heavy to the owner. Bigger ass, bigger boobs, fuller hips… are they heavy to the carriers? I mean, when I’m ovulating(stale enough word… so suck it in…), my boobs get fuller… and feels so heavy(and I hate it)… and I’m not even a boob contender to begin with!!! How then do the endowed ones cope, the actual contenders? You go girls!!! More grease to your able and padded elbows!

3)I have also tried “laptoping” my way out of it. I mean, I went to a store and bought a whole bunch of DVDs… series to be exact. What I do is I make pepperized noodles(noodles with humongous amounts of fresh yellow and red pepper), take my steaming plate of goodness, lay on my bed, plug my ears, and watch a DVD on my laptop. Name it, I have watched it. Solo. Just me, the pepper, and my laptop. Bliss mostly… but mehhhhnnn… it gets old. So obviously, it hasn’t worked.

This is my pepperized(so so peppery) noodles… but this one has sweet corn and strips of meat in it…


So what then has worked? Wait for it…
1) Hanging out with my male friends! Sooo invigorating, talking with these guys. Politics(yes, even apolitical me), sports, love, food, poetry… or just careless banter. Talking with them is real business… no holds barred, no checking for random sensitivity(it’s all just bants really), lotsa love and hugs in the bargain. I mean, they are my pipo! Sailors on the same ship. They make me laugh, my squad. And throw in cans of Orijin(chill time drink)… why, then you have a family. Even though I can only take a can(or bottle) of the stuff(is that really so, Nekaaar?). Time with my female friends is fabulous too but it has its own time. In times like now, banter about marriage and men and weight-loss and some random new trend and about other females will only make me gag. A blast of icy air on my flustered face is what I’m looking for. So time with my guys, though not always, definitely binds that spell.

This is Orijin by the way… not so much about the taste(which is lovely by the way) but the people that I drink it with and the memories that accompany it…


2)Music as I shower…
So the weather is incredibly hot in my parts these days. And what better way to combat all that sweaty ish than frequent cold showers. And more, taking those long and slow showers whilst listening to music. Listening to David Guetta and Beethoven and keane(my band of life) and ki theory and Sam Smith and even some Lauren Hill and Bob Marley as I soap my arms… Listening to Howie Day sing Longest night as I lather my neck and chest… sitting on the bath floor and letting the cold spray fall blessedly on me as I listen to the soundtrack(amazing songs, all of them) of the FIFA 14 soccer game… aaahhh. I come out of such showers feeling liked a goddess. All traces of funk(define funk anyways) forgotten. Music is always magical… ya dig?

3)Chilling with my pastor.
The woman is such a darling. And because I feel so tired to pray even, going to see her is quite the therapy. So real, so vibrant, so carefree… being with her is so refreshing. I come to see her feeling heavy(or not, no matter), but when I’m leaving? Boom! I’m feeling like a Gee, feathers have nothing on me and lightness is my middle name!

4)Reading any Anne Rice book and sucking on Agbalumo.
Aha! Not my favey fave author but I have found comfort in her books these tired times of mine. Her diversion from the real into the supernatural… so captivating. And agbalumo(not so sure about the English name but the botanical name is, Chrysophyllum albidum), not my fave fruit either(but really nice)… weird… sticky… sweet and sour… perfect fruit to go with an Anne Rice book. My makeshift escape wagon. Bye bye tired funk.

Oooooo and this is Agbalumo…



So there’s more, really… but these… these are the top ranking few that really make sense and actually works. Metaphorically speaking, this “tired” spell I’ve been stuck in, I huff… I puff… but hey, I don’t get to blow the house down. Nah… not with the above in tow. They’ve been keeping me sane.

And since we all go through different types of lack luster periods in our lives, what pulls you through them? What do you fall back on? There should be a contingency plan for when you aren’t uppity up. Something to pull you back, so that you don’t stray too far from who you are. A tow truck with a tough chain, to pull you out of the momentary quick sand. Something that will make you look the tiring phenomena in the eye and say(or sing if you like)…


And so I leave you with this quote… and by now you must know that I love love love him(the author)… and interpret as you may…

β€œMy dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.
For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover.
~ Falsely yours
Charles Bukowski

Till next Wednesday guys…
I any-word-that-is-greater-than-love you!!!


11 thoughts on “No no no no… Dont PHUNK with my…

  1. Heh heh. Tumi darling!!! You know it’s on the list!
    Of course our work gives me a certain purpose. I hope my SLT title is well deserved. Plus that non-marriage conversation we had yesterday… oof! Relief and a half. We should do more of those… Say, holla when you get off work.


  2. Sorry Sonia that you are in the limbo maze too! πŸ™‚
    I wish I could point the exit to you but I still couldn’t find it myself.
    I tried watching series, eating (but I stop as soon as I suspect I could need new clothes), drinking some wine, taking long bathes… Nothing works for a long time. It’s always back to square one. So I guess that the only way to leave this state is modifying the board… Like putting a slide on the square one that lands us a bit further. Who knows!

    And it’s HELL carrying the extra (fat) tissues… πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It seems like a lot of people are in a funk these days! I think it’s common this time of year, but your solutions look fine. I love to escape into music, books and films when I try to do a reset. Something that fires up the synapses and makes me think. If my mind isn’t in the game, my body isn’t either!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true, Rob. Very true. All about the mind I guess…
      But hey, I hope you aren’t feeling “funky” too. You okay?
      And what’s your favorite film?
      And do you think you could recommend to me your favorite songs or bands/artistes? Including the ones your band has done…
      Perfect escape!!! And any other ideas you might have will be appreciated. Much.
      Thank you…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Favorite movies? Hmmmm…. I love Casablanca, that’s my fave. I like Bladerunner too. For romantic comedies, I love Roxanne and LA Story. Both really appeal to the romantic in me. I’m all over the place with music. I love The Killers, Scars on 45, Tom Waits…. I had posted some new songs that I’ve been listening too last Friday and Saturday on my blog.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Well Paola… if feels like hell it sure doesn’t look like it… ha ha!
    And you’re right, it’s always back to square one really…
    But it better hurry on and just pass. The limbo is killing me!
    Maybe if I had your cinnamon rolls…
    Or the lasagna…

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Plus it’s kinda hard to imagine you tired; you seem like we all have to keep up with your body or mind. So thank you for reminding us it’s ok to just zone off. Hehehe


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