Slutty much?

I went “out” this past weekend. Heh heh.

It was nice.

My idea of a prime date. No holds barred, no hidden agendas, sincerity on point. No food… gawd, no. Isn’t that so overrated? The sitting opposite each other, steaming platters of food in-between, cold drinks, cliché music playing as soundtrack to an already clichéd outing…
Nice, but still bleh.

So no costume apparel and complicated make-up ish on my part. Bohemian curled hair, tank top and mildly rugged jeans and sandals… And the guy, he was dressed for good ol’ laid back fun too. With his t-shirt and Ankara bottoms(Ankara is a very lovely traditional Nigerian fabric. We pretty much use it to make anything… jackets, sandals, etc).
See a collage style sample of the fabric here…

Aaaaand samples of Ankara shorts…

Aaaaand is that Beyoncé and Jay I see rocking the fabric?
ankara beyonce

So it was me, this guy, soft rock, cocktails, fruit slices, and best of all, amazing conversation. Oh yeah!

But this post is not about the datey-ness of my very friendly date.
It’s about making love.

And in a bid to get this guy to understand how much a part of me books and music were, it seems that I over personified them a lot. Because he stopped me mid-convo, cleared his throat, gave me a sly/sue me look and was like… “Babe… all this passion… not on a person but on books and music… hmmm. Tell me though, so will a book make love to you, eh?”
I remember that moment clearly. Taylor Swift’s “Everything has changed” was playing.
I LoL-ed.


Now, just between us bloggers and readers.

How best to explain my relationship with books and music?

Aahh… It is complicated, yet, it is not.

A good book will make my nerve endings doubly sensitive… like the touch of a lover, make my eyes water, make me liquid and full and warm all at once, a good book will open the very essence of me up…
And music? Music just reaches in through that opening and touches me… makes sweet love to me.


Time stops… there is just me, the words, the unshed tears in my eyes, the instrumentals, my quivering soul, that final explosion of a thousand feelings at once…
All becomes one… and one, one is suddenly all.

So to answer his question…
Yes… yes, a perfectly worded haiku and a well delivered crescendo can surely make love to me. What my mind needs, what my soul yearns for, and what my body wants. Like a million fireworks going off at once. Way beyond the simplistic and basal images the words “love” and “making” conjures.

I gotta ask though… Why oh why, does everything have to be only physical with most people?

Embodiment of intensity, and this has made me very aware of how most people live out their lives in the shallow end of life’s pool, no depth, no substance, I feel things on every realm. As simple and random as just eating your favorite ice-cream on a sunny day may seem, for me, it goes way beyond the casual shoving of calories down my throat. It’s about the interplay of flavors on my tongue… the contrast between the cool cream in my mouth and the warm rays of the sun on my skin… the scenery… how does it, the ice-cream I mean, feel going down my throat? What does it feel like settling in my tummy? What does the air smell like anyway? Is it noisy around, or is it quiet? It is everything to me. Physical, mental, spiritual even…
I have to say, the day everything stopped being only physical for me, was the day I finally began to truly enjoy life. I mean, experiencing life only in one realm is not life at all. To feel and experience everything on different levels/dimensions… be it riding a bike, drinking green tea, even just sitting in a spot and breathing… to get all the juice out of a thing or phenomena… that… that my friends, is the ultimate feeling.

So judging by this definition of love-making, seeing as I read and do music everyday, it would seem that I am being made love to everyday then. By Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Heinrich Bukowski, Hemingway, Anne Rice, John Grisham, Frank Perreti, Belva Plain, Danielle Steel, Robin Hobb, Stephen King…
By Keane, One Republic, Train, The Maine, Chris Daughtry, Haim, Low Shoulder, The Cranberries, Bon Jovi, Howie Day, JohnnySwim, Ki-theory, Coldplay… I could go on forever.

I mean, it’s me and these people everyday, and the experience is fresh and different with each person. I welcome them with open arms, I urge them on, I move to their delicious rhythm, I take all of them in, greedy fox that I am. Never tired, I ask for more – the quintessential eager beaver, Oliver Twist having nothing on me.
Oh wow!
Oh wow!
Oh wow!
I am quite the slutty slut, eh?
Definitely smile worthy.
A Niklaus Mikaelson(Joseph Morgan) type of smile.

Oh and as an aside…
Ya know… there are “monitoring spirits” who come on here… they want to see if I will write anything about them… So they come on here every Wednesday, read my posts, and zap. No comments, no likes, no criticism. Not your regular friendly reader who just wants to read and not leave a trace. No, they come on here with one agenda: keeping tabs. They love and they hate me at the same time. They gorge on my words. They do not realize how dependent they have become on my ramblings. The poor dears.

I just wanna say… I see you. I know you. And hey, I don’t mind. I really don’t.
Only remember: my house, my rules.
The end.

Adios my pipo!!!
And hey, we should all be sluts eh?


33 thoughts on “Slutty much?

  1. LOL!! If you put it that way then we are all sluts, aren’t we? We are all junkies, addicted to something in one way or another, wanting everything and nothing all at the same time. I guess your write up captures the very secret of all creative souls, something that those mere mortals who want everyone to be alike will never understand. Two thumbs up! and i enjoy the pictures too….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice post Sonia :). I particularly enjoyed the picture of the guys wearing Ankara shorts… Do you think I can order one? (guy, not short!! If so, I want the 2nd on the right 😀 )
    Is there going to be a second date? It sounds like he LOVED your passion 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right, Paola? He is quite the specimen. I will find out if he is orderable… won’t that be nice though? Heh heh
      Hmm… I think a second date is in the works… just between you and me, I’m betting he is thinking of all that passion being channeled to other more “productive” areas. You feel me? Heh heh… no matter… I was also trying hard not to imagine it was my lips he was nibbling so softly on and not the slice of lemon. He has very nice lips. Oh well. I will keep you posted!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. brilliant thoughts. . ,,
    I mean…I see this as one sure way of staying happy,,..if one learns how to enjoy and appreciate every little thing…like d ice cream,..even having fun wit breathing……wow!,, . physical alone ain’t IT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s right Dengee boo… physical alone is being short changed.
      To enjoy and appreciate even the little things… happiness!
      Good insight… thanks.
      And it’s lovely you being on here…


    1. LoL!!! Way to go Rob!
      But I don’t think you need practice… you are already great at them!
      Think of all the women you “make love” to each time you write a post or do your recordings…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My current situation right now- its Morning in London,I’m on my bed, Ankara pants on, a book on my lap, some Kenyan Tea still hot in my mug and soft music playing in the back ground. This is life for me everyday because I LOVE to do these things before I go out to run errands.

    I appreciate this piece of writing, hopefully some people with a different perpective will run into it online and get the message out of it… Entertaining too! LOL… Nice one Járè!


    1. Ic baba!!!
      Ankara pants, eh? My kinda guy! Heh heh. Very cozy morning you are having by the way… and I have never had Kenyan tea… hope it’s findable over here.
      I’m so glad you found this entertaining… thank you so much for even reading. Your support is bae…


  5. Great post. The pictures of the shorts and the patterns and the guys had me looking too long. If you order the guys from the catalogue , can you return them too? I will have to fight Dotedon for the 2nd guy on the right! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ha ha! Annie!!! Thanks…
    I was gonna fight Paola for him too but now I have to fight you too? Heh heh heh.
    I’m not even sure that if we ordered we would want to return them, lovely specimens that they are…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am here Rob!!! I am so sorry. Got hit with stomach flu on Tuesday and was sick all through! I’m better today though… and I’m finishing off my late post. It’ll be published in some minutes!
    Thanks for caring…


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