Christmas Imaginings…

I have an overactive imagination. Too active. Sometimes too active that I cannot sleep. At least not the way I would want. There are always thoughts running through my mind and I have never had a blank moment. There is always an idea or a string of words or a random thought that my mind plays with at all times. When I sleep, I am awake. They are one and the same. I never sleep deeply. I wonder about people who sleep deeply. A gift?

And so it was in this overactive state that I fell asleep last night. Or fell as-wake, if you like. I had the most “colorful” dream. There was Ursula(Sea witch in the Little Mermaid cartoon), there was a dog named “Boon-ey”, there were bright lights, Ursula bullying Booney, Booney running to my house and turning into a stuffed toy, me noticing that the stuffed toy’s nose was twitching, me telling my mom, my mom getting a pair of scissors, us cutting up the stuffed toy to get rid of the magic, Ursula screeching in pain at the destruction of Booney…

Lordy, what a to-do. Was I actually asleep? I don’t know. Was it a dream? I don’t know? I’ll tell you this though, my imagination really needs to chill. Some of the things I think up? Wow! Hollywood would make a ton of cash from making movies out of them. Why, just the other day I was thinking to myself, imagining, which one of the past presidents of my country crapped in their diapers the most as kids. Which of them cried more too. I tried to picture these bearded and grown men now with what I imagined they would look like as babies. LOL. I honestly had me a good laugh at some of the pictures I came up with. And when I got to the part about who crapped the most, ha ha ha! I had a blast.
This imagination…
I can be in a bad place and not even notice what is going on around me… because me and La Grosse Dame and the rabid imagination, we are having ourselves a ball. These word from The Matchbox20 song “Unwell” comes to mind…”I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired, I know right now you can’t tell”… Oh well!

So… ho ho ho!
It’s Christmas tomorrow!
But I don’t want to do the whole clichΓ© Merry Xmas thing. It’s nice to hear but it’s also too predictable and oh-so normal.
And I don’t like normal.
Even Simon agrees with me!


So… I will leave you with this piece by Charles Bukowski, my favorite author and the most undead person ever. Let the words marinate and may the reason for the season not be forgotten in the spirit of all the cheer and bounty. Aye.

“Christmas poem to a man in jail

hello Bill Abbott:
I appreciate your passing around my books in
jail there, my poems and stories.
if I can lighten the load for some of those guys with
my books, fine.
but literature, you know, is difficult for the
average man to assimilate (and for the unaverage man too);
I don’t like most poetry, for example,
so I write mine the way I like to read it”
~Charles Bukowski, What Matters Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire.

Till next Wednesday and infinity and beyond guys!
Enjoy… and fra la la la la la la la la!!!


26 thoughts on “Christmas Imaginings…

  1. Have a good Christmas. And yes, you are a little impaired, but only as far as the “normals” would see you. But I like you better than I like them. You are far more interesting to listen to. La Grosse Dame is also more fun to listen to than the straights. Both of you are ok in my book.

    Where would you and I be without our imagination? Just existing in the boring “real” world where the goal is to be like everyone else and fit into their stupid boxes. I don’t think that you, me and the fat lady would all fit into a box anyway πŸ™‚ LOL
    Love and merry Christmas,

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  2. Ha ha! Exactly the point Annie! We would never ever fit into a box all three of us. LoL.
    I’m glad we’re okay in your book because we sure as anything love you. And the voices of course. Heh heh!
    I wish you and all the ones you love an amazing holiday…
    A toast to imagination and to “Santa” coming to our “towns”


  3. Merry Christmas Sonia !!! You are not alone to think so much , I have such a vivid imagination and yesssss my brain is always working full speed πŸ™‚
    I love reading you , you are a delight !
    Ingrid xoxo

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  4. Oh wonderful Ingrid!!! Glad to know you’re in that club…lol.
    Aww thank you, I love reading you too. I’m trying out the bulk of your recipes this holiday! Can’t wait!!!
    Love you!


  5. I don’t want to think of men in diapers! Now I have to purge that image from my mind. Oooooh. I feel bad for Booney. Such a terrible demise for a stuffed creature. I do like the idea of a movie, though. I think Tim Burton would be the perfect person to direct your dreams!

    I hope that you have a wonderful week, Sonia!


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    1. LOL! Ha ha! Rob! I hope the purging works… I don’t blame you at all.
      Too bad for Booney right? Wonder why we had to go and “rid” it of magic. Aha! Tim Burton is it! Maybe I will “dream” him into it eh? Heh heh.
      And I wish you and yours all the best of the holidays Rob. All the good things are coming your way!
      Much much love!!!

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    1. Top 5 in the top 200 that you try to squeeze into the top 5 huh? I know exactly what you mean Jami. And I love the word play there(and on your blog too!)
      Thank you… It’s wonderful to see you… always.
      Happy holidays to you…


    1. My sissy! Thank you! I have missed you on here. Hectic times huh?
      So… honestly, I’m tired of rice meals. lol. I was gonna just make coconut sauce and white rice(rolls eyes) plus the other side dishes and meaty additions but hey! Till tomorrow I guess. Lol.


  6. Now this ws d best tym to read dis,u kw i was in one of ma moods & den i went to ramblings of nekaar & got masef laffin… u r such a weirdo,look at dat dream of urs…poor booney. Tnx fr entertainin me gul.. compliments of d season. Muah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Nitin… mental illness stigma song indeed.
      The song will always be a favorite.
      Glad you loved the Bukowski, I love it too. It’s good to see you around my parts Nitin…
      Thank you…


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