Peace Eterna

Often I listen to people talk. It’s quite an interesting past time for me
because I find that it’s the easiest way to get certain questions about people answered as opposed to asking them myself. A low-key, non-invasive form of psychoanalysis really. Like stealing candy without being caught. Or even better, like stealing diamonds and being congratulated for it.


And people talk about peace. They amaze me. Peace gotten from a crowd of people they say… from money… from a significant other… peace from the dandiness of the weather. LOL. So it is no wonder then, why they fall apart, when the crowd disperses… when the money is gone… when the significant other dies… when the sunny weather is replaced by cold rain… “where is my peace?” they ask.
I observe them. Distraught, restless… they roam. Peace O peace… where art thou hiding?
Chilling in my corner, I am uber thankful. Thankful, for MY peace. Peace, according to the way my existence has defined it. For while their peace was/is hinged on things ephemeral, mine is hinged on my existence. So that for as long as I live all my lives… physical, mental, spiritual… my peace will I have. While blood flows through the veins in my physical body, peace flows through my mental circuits. My “blood” so to speak… the one that keeps my mind on point… and keeps me strong as a whole.


NOT from money or a significant other. NEVER from people regardless of who they may be… big, small, bad, good… in the light of my peace, they(people) are all the same. So not from them but from me… from the God that I believe in, from the music I listen to, from the books that I read, the thoughts that I think ever so randomly… from the things present WITHIN me, that is where my peace lies.
Today, everyone could disappear… die, walk out of my life. Tomorrow, I may be broke. Next year, it may rain all through. I am unmoved. I will still be here breathing. I do not particularly care… at least not in the way random humanity perceives caring. I am still able to smile that smile of mine.


Why? Because my peace… that inner part of me, it thrives. All I have to do is be still. Plug my ears and listen to wondrous music, read a book, pray to the God I believe in, spin my yarns… and boom! Peace flows. Mental orgasms on point, the other phenomena forgotten in its wake.
Peace internal, peace eterna.

I want to thank Hardi of
Fifty Shades Of Reality for contributing to this peace. She has nominated me for an award… The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award.


Her nomination had the same effect on me as exercise has on the circulatory system. Blood pumping and all. Ergo, peace flowing vigorously. She writes an enlightening blog. Ferreting out almost forgotten issues, shedding light on them, enlightening us. Check her out.

Part of accepting the award involves ansewring these questions, so here goes:
1)Is there any life change that has changed you for the better or the worse? If yes, then which is it?
answer: Going to College far far away from home and all that I was used to really changed me. It taught me to deal with every and any kind of person. It made me learn to speak my native language better. It made me independent… and stronger. Definitely for the better.

2)Would you rather have a few friends or a handful? why?
answer: definitely a handful.
I have always preferred my few friends(my soul brothers and sisters as I call them), the friends that I know and who know me in return, over randoms. Everyone can’t be your friend really. So a handful of the correct few is always adviseable.

3)What is the one thing that keeps you going no matter what?
answer: God. He really is the centre of it all for me. So much that I am stems from him.

4) Has blogging changed your life? How?
answer: Well blogging has definitely made me feel like a rock star(oh well). I feel like I am finally doing what I was born to do. For years I have written in jornals and scraps of paper… keeping my thoughts to myself. Now, I share them, people enjoy and identify with some of the things I ramble about, and that… that is just bliss. Even if no one identified with me, I will still feel same. I mean, it’s writing. It’s me letting my mental pee out. Relief!

5)Is there any country or place you want to visit badly? Also why?
answer: Greece of course! I am absolutely in love with the culture, their history, the philosophy, the myths… I mean, who doesn’t like a good greek mythology movie? Mykonos will definitely be my fave place there. I have to go there. I dream about it!

6)What makes you think that you’ll achieve whatever you’ve set in your mind?
answer: The fact that I am alive. We often undersestimate the miracle being alive is. Does not matter how determined I am. If I am dead, I can accomplish nothing. life is for the living they say. A dead person can only lie still. But me, whatever that I want to do, I can.

7)Is there any thing you regret? Why?
answer: I regret nothing. My experiences however bad or good has contributed in making me the person I am today. A strong and amazing woman. I am happy.

8)If the world was ending tomorrow, what would be that one thing you’d like to do before you die?
answer: kiss Robert Pattinson(Edward Cullen).

9)Are you addicted to anything? Why is it so addictive?
answer: listening to music as I run. I have a rabid imagination so music as I run provides soundtrack for my thoughts and imaginings. The run is more interesting and I soar. Without music though, I cannot run for long. The run becomes cumbersome and I struggle to clear my mind. And since I absolutely have to run everyday, I gats have me some music.

10)What is that one habit that has stayed with you all through your life till now?
answer: Holding pee in.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions they’ve sent you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate ten people.

My ten in one question: List ten songs that you absolutely love… and tell us why you love them so. Any sentimental attatchments?

My nominees are not up to ten… but hey, they are bae, yay, and amen. They are in no particular order.
1) Living With Pain But Living




The rest would have been male blogs but methinks this is a chic only award. So hey.

Love my WordPress family and wish you all the very best.

Thank you again Hardi.



6 thoughts on “Peace Eterna

  1. LOL! Rob!!!
    You’re so funny. Ha ha!
    Oh you have received it eh? Good for you. Guess it’s not chic only then. But the name though?
    I’m still trying to figure out if we can be sisters or not. Or brosters? Bristers? Sisbro? Oh boy! It’s tough…


  2. Congrats on two things; obviously your award………and understanding the concept of inner peace so many are still grappling with and confused about.
    You better pack up that oh-so-enviable hair of yours when I see you! [You’ve been warned]. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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