I usually refrain from indulging in all things fantasy. I would like to really, but I have come to realize that it’s nothing more than a dangerous past time… taking you to places that exist only in your warped mind, making you believe in things that would make even Hobbits and Elves seem more belief worthy.

I’ll show you how pointless fantasies can be. This is an example of a typical fantasy that I find myself instantly indulging in whenever I let myself go:

I imagine that Edward Cullen(the lead vamp in the Twilight series… that oh so delicious and scrumptious man…*fanning myself*) and I are married. One day, he goes on some vampire excursion and leaves me all by my human self at home… leaving me at the mercy of my side boo, Niklaus Mikaelson(the delicious hybrid in the Originals). I imagine that he(Edward Cullen) comes back early and catches us together… and me, kid in a candy shop, tongue hanging out and drool on point, which man candy do I choose over the other? Tell me, which?




And since this is happening only in my mind, and there are no boundaries, can’t I have them both then, these delicious men of my fantasy? Sigh…

Back to reality.

You see how seemingly worthless this fantasy business can be? How time-wasting?

What about the other type of fantasy though, the one they call love…


The time will come in your life when you will fall in love.You will fall in love so hard, so fast, so deep… love intense like nothing you ever imagined. Love so life changing that it will leave you reeling from its reverberation… love so solid. Love so pure.


Now, the time will also come when you will realize that the love was only on your part. It was all you. All that life changing, soul touching love… it was just you. It may have started with the other person, but somewhere along the line, you were left alone in that fantasy.
When you are asked about it, you smile, and you tell the most epic of love stories… how you met… how you ended… all so artistic and pretty. But when they ask the other person… you, the one who is/was so in love, you… you will be discussed as nothing more than a passing occurrence. You will discover that you never happened. You will discover that while the other person touched your soul to its core, you didn’t do same. At least not to them.

When you discover that, how will you feel? Hurt? Heart broken? Embarrassed? Angry? Indifferent? How do react to the fact that you have been forgotten by someone who you clearly haven’t and maybe can’t forget? Do you suck it up and move ahead? Do you stop and ponder? Do you take a trip back in time?

In a bid to rescue your now floundering self-image, you start to remedy your shattered fantasy with a new one. You ask yourself, Could it be all of the above? Or could it be that you were never really forgotten? Could it be that you are a topic so sore, so real, that the person would rather pretend that you didn’t exist than face the fact that it was real? Even then, how would it feel to know that you are something someone wants to forget so desperately? Would it be flattering, the fact that you are maybe causing that person somewhat sleepless nights?

Wake up!!!

You just found out that the person you thought loved you obviously didn’t(at least not in the way you had imagined) and now you want to build another castle on an already demolished one? Really? What are you, the rogue fantasy spider? Spinning your web without direction and caution? Hah!!!

When it comes to love and feelings. Fantasy cannot be allowed to thrive. Please… it will eat you up in the end, the damned cancer that it is. There is either this or that. Hardly any dreamy gray areas. The problem with us is that we know this but we still choose to flourish. He is married but you choose to stay knowing he’ll never leave his wife for you… She is bored and wants a distraction but still you stick around, happy to be someone’s play thing… He has a temper and you know you can’t deal but you stay… She irritates you with all her lying and you know it’s gonna end someday yet you linger. Why do we bother hanging around when we already know the sad outcomes? Why do we think we can somehow influence events that have already been set in place to hurt us, break us, make us bleed inside? Why can’t we save ourselves? Why do we gut ourselves repeatedly with blades fashioned by our own hands?

About love, about hurt, about feelings… know these two things:
1) Realistically speaking, the heart cannot be broken. It is made up of smooth muscles. Expansion, bruising, shrinking… yes, but never breaking. Unless yours is made of glass. You heart cannot be broken! Remember that.
2)It is better not to love at all… than to love and have it taken away from you. The pain will be phenomenal. There is no such thing as “let me just take what I can get”. Don’t settle. You cannot miss something you never had. However, to have had something and then to lose it… ahh… miss it you will till the day you die.

So please… open your eyes. Gone are the days when fantasies were romantic and love blind as a three hundred year old mole. Fantasies will kill you faster than you can say ‘hobbit’. Love is not blind anymore but sees in 3D. Again, open your eyes. Forget the day dreaming. Focus on and accept reality. What is working for you and what isn’t? Identify, divide, and eliminate any phenomena that needs eliminating. See, reality can sometimes be like an angry woman(in the “hell hath no fury like Maleficent scorned” way), but the moment you make up with ‘her’, accept ‘her’, you’ll find that she is warm, voluptuous, and kisses like a dream.

Guard your hearts… for really, out of it are the issues of life.
Guard it I say.

Thanks for reading guys… you are all so delicioooous!!!
See ya next Wednesday!


20 thoughts on “REALITY IS BAE!!!

  1. Hmm interesting post, I agree, love has changed and can indeed be a pain…however as humans, that day dreaming can sometimes be our escapism from all the pain…It doesn’t change reality for certain, but it keeps the fire of hppe burning….speaking of hope, thats why people stay in bad relationships even though its clear to a third party that things are not going well…its that hope of things getting back to the way they were and all (not a fan of that procedure)…love is truly tricky, haha lemme stop before I make a sub-post on your wonderful page.

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  2. Very nice indeed! i agree with you when you say that it is better to cut off from a relationship that you know is going nowhere but where do one draw the line between letting go and being a quitter?

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    1. ICON… wish I had a universal answer for that question. Experiences differ for everyone. I think though, that deep down, unconsciously, we all know when to draw that line. But letting go is always hard so we ignore the prompting in our minds. And for me, I’d rather be a quitter with my faculties and emotional health in one piece than be an apparent winner without my inner peace and stability.
      But that’s just my fear talking. All man should do as their soul pleases…LOL.


  3. Haha… a sub-post by you is welcome Dante.
    Yes… I see what you mean… and yes, day dreaming does have this pain relieving effect… hope and all. Very true indeed. I have to say though, that for some of us, dreaming is scary because once we start stopping is almost impossible. Personally, I just don’t want anything ruining my peace of mind so I find that it’s easier to accept a painful reality now, than dream, get comfortable, and then get hit when I’m not expecting it. That really terrifies me beyond explanation. However, I really admire those who still dream like that… it is brave of them. Sadly, I am not brave enough like that.


  4. Why do you insist on waiting for Wed. to come? I love this! “Wake up!!!” I did this from the tender age of 17. This is such a hard but true reality. The ideal of love is to me a fantasy, because when you actually allow it to happen in reality its so fictitious! As I grow older I’m more able to deal with the reality of it, hence my vagina post, however keeping to the level of reality you discuss in your post is very import to flourish in love, if love is somehow still a desire after all the bs we go through. Love this post, love your mind!

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  5. Ahh… if love is somehow still a desire after all the BS we go through… love this part. The almighty IF.
    From the time I was a little girl, I have had to be waking myself up. Lately, I met someone who made me dream a little. But I guess the realist in me wasn’t as dream laden as I thought because even when I had the choice to just dream on and be happy, I just couldn’t ignore the future outcome. So I set it all on fire. And I’m glad I did too.
    I loved your Vagina post… lol. It gingered me all up!
    I pray we can all be strong to do the things that we need to do and not the things that we want to do…


  6. For some people reality is difficult, it’s better for them to live in the comfort of fantasies. And somehow it works for them. At times people hang on because they think something positive will come out of it in the end.

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  7. I think we’re all missing the point of this post- Klaus hands down! “Ripaaaaaah” Jk guys.

    But seriously don’t be afraid to live a little and dream a little. They play off one another and I think finding that balance is the key to living well.

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  8. Mehn… Tumi… the way he says “Ripaaaah” and “comrhaad”… sexy defined! Maybe if I “met” him first he’d be the main. But Edward was first sooo… Klaus is side boo of life!!!

    Yes… that balance is the key. When I find it, I will BBM you…lol!
    Thanks hun!!!


  9. In my experience, love is like a pendulum, swinging from one person to the other. Most of the time, two people are not in love with each other at the same time, but only for the small time that the pendulum reaches the middle. I don’t find anything wrong about the escapism aspect of it. Fantasy brings hope in a lot of ways. If there’s not hope, for me, there is no life. BTW, I can now understand your vampire vs. werewolf question. 🙂

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  10. Hahahahaa… oh you can, eh?
    Hmm… never thought about love in the pendulum way. Nice illustration Rob. But isn’t it scary though, the fact that it clicks for both when it reaches the middle?
    I will definitely try to “dream” more. Maybe you can bring me back if I’m stuck…lol.

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  11. Wow…… Love when it come to letting go and being a quitter especially I we ladies we start to think “what if I try harder, it can only get better” trust Mii it’ll only get worse.
    LOVE isn’t all mushy and dreamy with flowers and butterflies in the tummy, that’s lust. Love is hard sometimes, it is patience but not patient with d wrong person, it is thoughtful and kind, and sometimes it just needs space. We all just need to be honest with ourselves and listen and at that point when we know it isn’t working its time to move on. On 2 d next one. Love yourself. If you like flowers 4 crying out loud surprise yourself with some. Do things that make YOU happy. Have fun and surround yourself with people who care especially your family.
    I know first hand what it is, to feel like someone gave u so much 2 b hapi about but when he describes his side it wasn’t that for him……. Dust your shoes and move on. Its d hardest but it needs to be done. Your MR. RIGHT/ MISS RIGHT is just a few corners away. Be d best u can be and attract d positive aura

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  12. Honestly I try as much as possible to steer clear of fantasies. Safer. Smarter. Stronger. So I may not be the gooey eyed girl in love but I don’t have a string of ‘could-have-beens’ if you know what I mean. That’s my dignity which I hold very dear.
    And I love that you have cleared the ridiculous notion that hearts can be broken. The only thing one can’t get over is death. I’m going morbid so lemme just stop. Awesome again………no surprises darln. Keep it up!!!!

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  13. Lol… it’s almost inevitable that people in Medicine get morbid.
    I have to remember to stop myself sometimes.
    As always, you relate to what I write…
    Sugar in my tea baybay!!!
    Thanks hun!!!


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