Today, this morning, I am not my usual effervescent self.

Apart from the fact that I had an unbelievably long day yesterday(mainly because of that fact), all is not neat and tidy in my world. I’m over to chill with a friend, other friends are over, I’m listening to them talk… I’m listening to songs like “When you are gone” by The Cranberries, “Shiver” by Natalie Imbruglia, “Somewhere only we know” by Keane, “Chasing cars” by Snow patrol… the list is endless but I am sure you get my point. Mellow, chill, and thought provoking songs. Perfect morning chill songs. I am eating a slice of watermelon and waiting for the water in the kettle to boil so I can take this Earl Grey bergamot flavoured black tea. Words from the banter going on around me creeps into my music deadened mind; words like “soul mate”. This makes me smile. Mental Witch of music and words that I am, my cauldron of a mind starts boiling. It bubbles… and finally, it spills over. This piece I’m writing… it’s just a spill over. I should get on my broom and fly away… but ahh, what kind of witch would that make me? Running away from my own spell spill over. Nay, Nimbus can wait.

Now, I do not believe in the concept of soul mates. Very unrealistic if you ask me… but you have to wonder though, at the amount of people who would swear by it. As though it were some wonder drug or some new diet plan. So what if soul mates didn’t have to be human? A loyal dog, a really cool song, an amazing read, what if that is all soul mates are? I’m writing this and saying it out loud and my friend, looking at me as though there was cat shit smear on my forehead, asks me… “How can dogs and books be soul mates to anyone when they do not have souls?”

I guess that would really depend on a person’s definition of soul. The normal version or the “unfurling mental feelers” version. So then, what is the soul of a thing? To me, it’s the essence of a thing, what makes a thing the thing it is. The soul of a Charles Bukowski read is the reality that his words create, sharp like a Samurai’s sword. Without that blazing and profound reality, it would not be a Charles Bukowski read. What’s more… if I happen to read his books, if his words touch me, if there is an internal recognition, if his words are things I live by, if it is something I would die for, if there was no separating me from him… from what his words represent… then aye, that is my soul mate… I am bound to the phenomena… inanimate or no. It’s a mind affair.

So, as another “friend” of mine is here talking about how her “soul mate” is busy getting married to someone else, I’m looking at her… her facial expression… so earnest… so deep… and I start wondering if maybe I haven’t been wrong all along. Like Santa Claus, the Leprechauns, and the other myths, what if soul mates really existed? Like dinosaurs and dragons, what if I entered some dark cave on a rainy day and saw one of them, what if I discovered the fossils of a soul mate? Osheeeyyyy, archeologist!!!

And since I might yet be a believer, this poem below… this off-piece… this is what I want my “soul mate” to know… Am I with soul mate already? Am I yet to be with soul mate? Have I been with soul mate and are now left with the precious fossils? It doesn’t matter. Past, present, future… time is naught but a river. Flowing constantly.
So… my poem.

An ode to Keane

To Keane who is not Keane…
I would take a bullet for you, but it is not my place to.
And the person whose place it presently is, has no idea what to do…
And so I watch you flounder, I watch you die, and I swear, a part of me is dying with you too.

But as I lie on the grass growing on your grave, I feel better…
Because in a weird way, it feels as though it’s your arms I lie in.
And for one moment, a smile wins, the tears are at bay, and all is right in my universe.

I miss you…
Keane who is not Keane..
Keane who I would give my liver and lungs up for…
Keane who I would take a bullet for…
I love you.
With the force of the planets behind me, with the warmth of all your memories surrounding me, with all that the future could have been ahead of me, with all the molecules of my existence…
I love you.

And if the time ever comes for me to finally take that bullet…
Wherever I am, whatever I am…
Take it I will.
Though it is not my place to.
My soul mate who is not my soul mate.

The end.

As I wrote earlier on… it could be a book, an amazing song, a loyal dog, the perfect glass of wine… it doesn’t matter. Like mustangs on the freeway, let your imagination run wild. Keane is any and everything… my convoluted version of soul mate. The myth that might not be a myth.

Thanks for reading guys…

And may the days between now and next Wednesday be prime and merry!!!


24 thoughts on “SOUL MATES… THE MYTH.

  1. ‘I would take a bullet for you, but it’s not my place to’. Most realistic statement I v heard in a very long while. A pill for the ‘I m inlove kind of people’ . Beautiful writeup .


  2. Another phenomenal piece of writing! Osheyyyyyyy!

    Yes…to my soulmate….to Keane who exists in my soul….in whatever way ‘they’ come!


  3. hmmm…The thought of the inanimate being a soul-mate is beautiful, it is the only way true perfection could exist in our world but that being said i think we as humans need each other no matter how imperfect to really connect to. Thanks for the beautiful write up!


    1. Indeed… and when we need a dose of uninterrupted perfection, we know where to turn. Makes it very easy not to expect too much from the people in our lives. Thanks for reading ICON…


  4. Busy week for me and I was glad to read this. My take on the ‘whole soul mate theory’? Too melodramatic. Waaay too much pressure too. But dreamers can dream and realists…..well, we’ll always be here to wake ’em up.
    Darn girl! You’ve got skills! Till next week.


    1. Ahh… thanks hun. If you say that i’ve got skills then, hurrah, it’s true!
      Indeed dreamers can dream…
      And if it works for some, why not?
      The safety in realism is sometimes too irresistible for some of us. And yet if in some rare moments we choose to dip our feet in the shallow end of the dreamer pool, we shall do so with a flourish, and with ‘magic’ and music right beside us. Never alone. Takes the pressure off… *winks*
      Thanks for always reading… you encourage me so… I imagine you squinting as you read. LOL.. bless you hun, bless you!!! xxx


      1. I have a few projects right now. One is writing original music and I post the songs on my blog. The other is a cover band that began in June. We’re going to launch a facebook page, but I don’t know when. Too bad about Keane. I really like their music.


      1. Yes I do, because I used to think my journal was my best friend because it helped me through so much ruff times, and I cherished it more then anything, but you just articulated it in a way that validated my feelings and in a way I never could. You are right we have a lot in common and I love your mind and perspective, it’s brilliant!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you so much. I am so encouraged. Yes, Journals seem to make the perfect companions. Mine still is even. Your feelings are so on point! I knew it from the first post on your blog I read. I can’t wait to find out more things that we share in common… this business of writing, best binding glue ever!!!


  6. I think that most people have many potential soul mates in the world. Think about it for a minute, what are the chances that if everyone has only 1 soul mate that could be anywhere in the world (and at any age) that you would run into them in your hometown and they would be the right age for you?
    What if that soul mate is 96 years old? What if they live in Africa?

    What if they are a nun? What if they already died? Sounds like I am getting going on a new blog……?….
    There is no way you would find this person at the right place at the right time.
    There have to be many possible soul mates per person. When you find one then you both have to work at creating a special connectedness that unites you as best friends and hopefully passionate lovers.

    Otherwise it does not make sense that everyone who has found their one and only soul mate. ran into them somewhere in their town or on their one vacation.

    Just rambling…….I want to have all 5 or 25 of my soul mate men. Then one of them would be available when something needs to be fixed in my house, one of them would be good at fixing my car

    Hopefully more than one of them would be good at……:) the fun stuff 🙂 ….That way when one falls asleep before I am tired, the other could take over… Oh I am just kidding. No, it is the damn crazy voices in my head telling me to say it. Hopefully my boyfriend won’t come across this… LOL
    Crazy Annie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL… I love the new light you shed on this Annie. What if they were 90something or dead? And what if we. Could have 25 too? All performing their own different functions on our lives? Wouldn’t that be something?
      Ha ha! And you know, out of the numbers, what are the chances we get to meet the one who is good at the “fun stuff” eh? Plenty good chances I hope. Heh heh,
      I still love your voices… they always make sense.
      Your boyfriend will understand that it’s not you but the voices I’m sure…LOL!
      I love crazy Annie!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. He knows my sense of humor 🙂 He is one of the few people I know , like you, that I can say whatever comes to my mind, without filtering it. I spend a lot of time keeping my thoughts to myself. Can you imagine what would happen if I just said the things I think to the “normals”.

    I do slip , once in a while, but it usually ends badly. I wonder if you filter your thoughts with regular people like I do or if you say what comes to your mind? I am probably more sensitive about getting my feelings hurt when people over react to me.

    They are so picky and inside their dumb little boxes.
    I always enjoy joking with you and I just read all of this to my boyfriend. He is glad I am happy laughing with you. You put me in a good mood.
    It is almost time for all good little insomniacs to go to sleep….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you put me in a good mood too Annie. You make me feel not alone in my ways. You are really an amzing person, your boyfriend is lucky to have you.
      In anycase, if there was a time I used to filter, it used to be so long ago and I almost can’t remember it. These days I just say it like fat lady says. I find that it has made relationships with men and women alike easier. They know exactly who I am, and they can either stay or leave. And the ones that stay, you’ll know it because they accept you. We can’t all go around stepping on eggshells around everyone. It would be so tiring. Imagine being around people you didn’t have to “eggshell” around at all… people like you… oh what bliss. They may be few in the end, but better 2originals then 10odds.
      Glad I know you Annie.
      Sleep tight…


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