agonyContrary to popular belief, the thin line separating right and wrong becomes so faint sometimes that both sides cross and mix and become blurred such that right and wrong become relative and there is no way to separate the one from the other.

I know this amazing lady. Think of everything a lady should possess, she had it. A good education, mad cooking skills, smart from one to a hundred, God fearing, fit body, healthy, a rabid sense of humour. Her only imperfection was that she was a creature of love. Now, creatures of love are people who will love any and everything just because they can and are moved to. They might be hurt and unhappy in it but once they catch THE fever, they cannot stop burning. Almost. For stopping equals ending their lives and hey, better to live and burn than to die and be cool, yeah? Bueno.

So she met this man one fine day. Now this man was quite something on his own. He wasn’t the regular Joe. Smart, good looking, effective communicator, weirdo… Just the type of person she was. How in the name of Frodo could she not help but be attracted to him? Even his name was attractive! So they met, they communicated, and it was epic. Just like in the movies(no jokes here). So into each other were they that communicating with words became unnecessary. A glance, a smile, that’s all it took.

Ahhh but one day… paranoid chic that she is, she woke early one morning and suddenly hungry to know everything there was to know about him, went consulting The All Seeing Eye Of Sauron. Google. On there, she saw a wedding picture of him. Nigger was standing beside his wife all smiley smiley decked in wedding clothes. Ha! My chic died and resurrected more times than Lazarus. Turns out the man was a newly wed even. Sheesh! A newly wed! Life and her lemons…

Now, armed with this information about him, you would expect that she would get away from him. I mean, that would be the “right” thing to do, no? Well, oho! She couldn’t. No matter how hard she tried, it was as though she was stuck in quicksand. She couldn’t get out. Loved him she did. For without even kissing or making love to her, he had touched her in places no one ever had. How could she let go of that? Isn’t that what most people spend almost all their lives searching for, the one? She had to have him.

She rationalized in her mind that the man couldn’t be happy with his new wife to be forming such strong mental bonds with her so early in his marriage. Maybe she was right, maybe she wasn’t, it didn’t really matter to her. She refused to see the cheating, deceptive, immature and just plain wicked part of him. Or maybe she saw it but was ready to take it all. For what kind of man cheats on his wife not even up to a year into their marriage? Something must have been seriously up.

To be fair, the man in question was in a bind too. You could see how addicted he was to her. She understood him to the bone. Moods, silences et al. He knew she loved him unconditionally and how does a person turn away from such realness, how does a person say no to the offering of such a rare gift? How does a person fight the strong waves of the thing called passion? How do you turn away from an intensity that matches the one you have buried deep in you, the one you would love to live by? Still… they could only really be in another life and for that reason, they had to let go. Radical moves were made, and it all came to an end.


Enter me.

Now, hold your horses. We can judge all we want. It would be especially easy for those who have never been in such a situation to go all gangster on these people… but really… on what grounds? To be human is to be unbelievably flawed. Both were good people. Loved by their friends and family. It’s just that when life chooses you to play a role in a particular movie, it’s really hard and almost impossible to turn away. The human nature. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

See ehn… The way she felt, it was right. The man she felt it for, he was right. Everything was just right and in place. The only snag was wifey. Poor innocent(was she really?) wifey. She was the wrong. She was the one thing that made everything that was so phenominally right about the lady and man in question sooo wrong. She was the shadow hanging over their epic love story. To finally have everything you ever wanted in your grasp.. To feel it.. To taste it.. To smell it.. Everything so ripe and perfect.. But to be unable to fully own it. You can’t because though it is very right, it is wrong for you. Pretty much like finding the perfect pair of shoes for an occasion but finding out that the only shop you found it in doesn’t have it in your size. You can’t very well force your feet in them can you? Cinderella’s step sisters tried back then and magic et al, it still didn’t work. Corns and callouses will be the only reward and who wants those? The wrong kind of right thing…


May we never find ourselves in such a heartbreaking fix… Aye, may we never.

The end.

See ya later alligators!



    1. I tell you. The cruelest of jokes. To witness this, it was very sad. Still is when I remember it.
      But hey, I have to really thank you so much for taking the time to go through my blog. I am totally awed. I don’t know you proper, but I already am sure of one thing: you are such an amazing and giving person.
      Thank you…
      P.S: please tell me your real name will ya

      Liked by 1 person

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